Mack Solomon

Full Stack JavaScript Developer.
March 2017

eharmony Communication Web App

This is the desktop / mobile web application that eharmony members use to communicate with eachother. I worked on a team along with other front / backend devs to help build this awesome piece of technology.

June 2016

Emoji Organizer for Kimoji Keyboard

This project is part of a CMS that allows editors to easily organize emojis within a category via drag and drop. I decided to keep things simple and use React on it's own without a state container like Redux or Flux. As the project grows in size and complexity im sure I will be able to justify a state containers incorporation. For legal reasons I can not demo this project but I can share some of the projects code which can be found in the Github repo.

May 2016


This is a small personal project that I am still actively developing. It's basically a stripped down version of Strava that allows you to track cycling performace.

January 2016

8 Bit Collab

This is another really simple personal project that allows users to collaborate on 8 bit pixel art in real time.

November 2015

Kardashian Websites

I helped build front end framework that's used by all the Kardashian websites. The framework looseley adheres to Atomic design principals. It consists of reusable templates, template parts, components, and JS functionality. The overall goal was to build a highly scalable and performant system optimized for mobile. We accomplished this though rigorous pre launch benchmark testing and ongoing post launch performance monitoring.

August 2015

This is an ultra high traffic website that gets millions of unique page views monthly.

April 2014

Howard Stern's Website

This was an awesome project to work on and a great learning experience. Our main focus was to build a fast scalable system to deliver article, audio, and video content to all platforms. We used an early manifestation of the framework that was eventually used for the kardashian sites.

I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success. — Nikola Tesla, 1896